Transformational Qi Gong

There are 100'S of forms of qi gong throughout the world, how do you know

which is the best form for you and your specific  goals and health concerns.

Don't be fooled all Qi Gong systems are not the same.

Receive a bioenergy assessment to find the right system for you!


Well you have came to the right location. Dr Sahu Omri has studied around the world with an incredible background in both Western and Eastern systems of bio-energy medicine and Qi Gong for over 30 yrs.

Specialized and personal life coaching and training programs designed specially for your needs!

30 day to 100 day programs available.


30 Day Transformational life Coaching Program includes:

 *Free 30 min Phone assessments of personal needs and goals                  (value 50.00)

 - 2 total health Bio-Energetic assessment with UK certified medical biofeedback

 device which assesses physical, mental, emotional and ethereal imbalances.                                                                                                                          (value120.00)

 - 6hr of professional private training with Dr Sahu Omri Himself.             (value 500.00)

 * Free online video training week by week.                                          (value 100.00)

 - Personalized video training of your specialized program to keep.          (value 175.00)

 - Professional Dance Studio or Private home training*                                         

                                        New Years Sale 2019

 This Program's regular rate a value of 945.00 private training is now on 

 Special for 550.00 a saving of 395.00

    (also available through Skype) 


Don't forget to email or text to book a time for a free assessment!





 Halifax, NS 


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