New Bio Energy Technology

What is the best healing modality or Qi Gong form for you?

There are hundreds of forms of Qi gong and modalities that are out there.

Which system will give you the best results based on your physical, mental, emotional and energetic needs and or goals. 

Get tested  and receive the perfect  specialized program for you!

What is Biopulsar Technology?

Biopulsar is a biofeedback diagnostic measuring system, certified according to the European Medical Regulations (CE class 11A).

What is the science behind Biopulsar?

This health measuring tool is derived from:

Biofeedback          Neural therapy             Chromotherapy         Reflexology          

Oriental Medicine    Bio-energy                 Ayurveda medicine     Kinesiology

The biopulsar is used as a predictive and preventative aid for illness and diseases.

What is involved in a Biopulsar session?

The practitioner will have the client place their hand on the biopulsar tool for a few minutes and this process painless. Upon placing the hand on the instrument; the software analyzes the clients body and provides a clear report regarding organ functioning, glandular systems along with seven brain parameters.  This advanced form of biofeedback technology also reveals the electromagnetic (auric field) of each individual organ, bain parameter and nerve plexus (chakra) vitality.