Dr. Sahu Omri Master Teacher

"Know thy self, heal thy self"

Biography: Dr. Sahu Omri


( Awakener of the Self )

Sahu is a very unique and talented educator with the ability to reach his students with unsurpassed compassion and understanding.

Dr Sahu Omri's personal experience comes  from his training with his master teacher a true holy man who taught him to heal himself of : chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, loss of feeling & function of left side of body, blindness of left eye (optical neuritis), short term memory loss, chronic pain, laryngo spasm (leaving him unable to talk), severe depression and finally testicular cancer all leading to deaths door.

That was 25 years ago. Now is the time for him to share his healing experience to benefit you, your family and the world.

Here in a step by step  journey to Self Healing Today.

Dr. Sahu Omri is an incredible teacher, and Coptic(Egyptian) Monk with over 35 years experience in health, life and martial sciences.  Dr. Omri has trained thousands of hours in several forms of Qi Gong and was formally educated at the University of Calgary in the area of Kinesiology.  Dr. Omri completed further education as a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), Oriental Medicine (OMD); and as a ordained health Minister.

Currently, Dr. Omri lives in Nova Scotia and is a professor at The Canadian College of Acupuncture, in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada.

     Qi Gong Background


 Dr Omri has trained and taught for over 30 yrs. He teaches both foundational and advanced Qi Gong forms from around the world.

The four foundational systems are:

Medical - internal organ and dis-ease related.

Martial - combat, self defence and warrior arts. 

Enlightenment - Supreme Peace and Love.

Scholistic/Health - preventative health and stress management.


 He has had the blessings of training with 7 Grand masters from around the world including China, Korea, Hawaii, Tibet, Africa, Canada, Peru, Berma and India

Sahu has a,lso trained in the three Primary systems of China

Wudang , Shaolin and Ermei mountains systems of internal, external Qi Gong.


 Dr Omri advanced training in Imperial oriental medicine and qi gong comes from a royal family line dating back 3000 yrs.Sharing the secrets of  the muscle/tendon classics and book of bone/ brain marrow washing and internal organ elixir.


 Dr Omri greatest Achievement was when he was initiated in ancient Egypt where he decoded the ancient hieroglyphs of transformation uniting the world systems into one universal principle of self. Here received the title of Sahu , "Awakener of the Self" (Soul).